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The Redefined Series.

We have blended style, functionality and quality into an outstanding wallet collection.

The Wallet. REDEFINED.

R1 Minimalist
Classic Cardholder
R2 Accountant
One-Fold Cardholder
R3 Purist
Minimal Cashwrap
C1 Essential
Modern Cardholder
C2 Advanced

R1 Minimalist

The mininmal Cardholder

The Minimalist is a classic cardholder who embodies the zeitgeist through its simple and minimalist functionality. With 3 + 1 compartments it is also flexible to use. With the pull tab, the most frequently used cards can be used fast & quickly.

For whom is the Minimalist suitable:

If you mostly pay by card or smartphone app but still value your most important cards + a few emergency notes with you, you are well served with the Minimalist.


Size | 8.7 x 5.9 x 0.6cm
Weight | 25g
Compartments | 3-4
Capacity Cards | 4-10
Capacity Bills | 1-6
Folding Bills | twice
Pulltab | yes

R2 Accountant

Think twice Wallet.

The Accountant is a further development of the R1 and differs in particular through the optimized handling of notes. While the bills have to be folded twice with the Minimalist, with the Accountant they can be stowed directly inside the wallet with just one fold.

For whom is the Accountant suitable:

If cash still plays a role in your life, but you also enjoy the freedom of card payment, the accountant is a loyal, flexible and effective companion who fascinates with his subtle and elegant appearance.


Size | 8.7 x 5.9 x 0.6cm
Weight | 25g
Compartments | 3-4
Capacity Cards | 4-10
Capacity Bills | 1-8
Folding Bills | once
Pulltab | yes

R3 Purist

Pure Aesthetics.

The Purist has the same functions as its two brothers but shines with its complete leather design. Inside it has an optimized banknote compartment, a pull tab compartment, one for less used cards and a fast-train compartment for parking tickets, business cards, etc.

For whom is the Purist suitable:

Those who not only want to make a visual statement but also enjoy the extensive benefits of a modern wallet are more than happy with the Purist. It also feels unmistakably good in your pocket.


Size | 8.7 x 6.1 x 0.9cm
Weight | 25g
Compartments | 3-4
Capacity Cards | 4-10
Capacity Bills | 1-10
Folding Bills | once / none
Pulltab | yes



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